Commercial Animal Photography Bundle


The Commercial Animal Photography Bundle contains:

  • Commercial Animal Photography Mini-Guide (31 pages)
  • Animal model/property release (word, pages and PDF versions)

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This is a digital product that will be available for immediate download after purchase. 


The Commercial Animal Photography Bundle was designed to address the unique and specific needs of established pet photographers who photograph animals for commercial clients.


The Commercial Animal Photography Guide includes information on:

  • Sourcing animal models
  • Model call ads
  • Casting animal models
  • Paying animal models
  • Backup animal talent
  • Sourcing dog trainers
  • Hiring dog groomers
  • Preparing the animal for the shoot
  • Working with animals on set
  • A note on Ethics
  • Secret tools


The guide is for established pet photographers who already have experience photographing animals in either a studio or lifestyle setting (or both), and doesn’t contain any ‘how-to’ information, such as ‘how to photograph a dog in a studio’ for example.


If you are already shooting pets and want to add commercial work to your repertoire of services, this is the perfect guide for you.


The commercial animal model/property release is what you need when doing photo shoots with pet owners. It outlines expectations, communicates your copyright and provides you with legal protection.


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