Agency Bid Creation Consulting

Agency Bid Creation Consulting


Consulting package for photographers who need help creating a bid and treatment for an ad agency project, and don’t want to invest very much at the outset in case they don’t end up landing the bid.

This consulting option is a discounted hourly rate that’s 60% off the regular price. (See full details below). 

This is a low-risk investment that ends up being chock-full of learning potential. 


  • Suggestions for questions you should ask your client to get more information
  • Job description creation
  • Image license verbiage creation
  • Estimate/bid creation
  • Usage fees creation
  • Photography fees creation (with photographer’s input/calculations)
  • Expenses creation based on expenses in the shoot location
  • Crew/team research (contact info for crew in the shoot location)
  • Client email drafts
  • Negotiation tips

The $50/hour rate you see here is an hourly rate, and there is a minimum three hour requirement for simple bids. Complex bids can require as many as six or seven hours, depending on how much back-and-forth takes place between you and the client. 

In addition to the discounted hourly rate, you will agree to pay a 12.5% commission rate on your fees, if you land the job. (If you don’t land the job, no additional fees are required above the discounted hourly consulting fee.)

See below for full product details.

BEFORE BOOKING: Please reach out to Jamie to confirm her availability and also get an estimate of how many hours your specific project might require. And if you have any other questions about this service, don’t hesitate to ask. 


This is a unique and innovative consulting option. So unique that it doesn't otherwise exist in the industry. The closest thing to it is freelance estimate consulting that a few photographer's reps and other companies offer, but they don't include the same inclusions, and are priced at or above the industry standard consulting rate of $150-$250/hour. 

This consulting option is really designed for photographers who can't afford to invest several hundred dollars just to have the chance to maybe land a bid, who have minimal information on what goes into an ad agency bid, and are happy to part with 12.5% of their gross revenue if it means they get to do a shoot they really want and wouldn't have landed otherwise. 

Because most bids require a minimum of three hours to create, you will need to add three hours to your shopping cart ($150) before you check out. 

After you check out, Jamie will get in touch and give you her personal cell phone/text message number, so you can get started right away. Time is of the essence with agency bids and you can expect to be going back and forth with Jamie many times until you email the bid to the client. This is an intense process, so please be prepared to give it your all. 

You will also be required to create your own creative treatment, which Jamie will walk you through. 

The consulting will start with you emailing Jamie all the information you have (she is happy to sign an NDA if you signed one for your client), and having a phone call to go over any questions she has. 

You will then continue to go back and forth until the job is either awarded to you, or the client returns with the standard "we've decided to go in a different direction". 

The consulting ends when either the job is awarded or lost. An additional hour of consulting after that point is available for $75/hour, and all consulting after that point is charged at the regular $125/hour rate. 

This is a full service bid creation hand-holding. 

This consulting option is available for advertising agency bids only. (If you are working with another type of agency and wondering if it qualifies for this consulting type, please get in touch and ask.)

At the time you receive the project balance due payment, you will pay Jamie the 12.5% commission consulting rate, which will be calculated on your fees below:

  • tech/scout day / pre-shoot prep days
  • photography fees ('day rate')
  • usage fees (licensing fees)
  • post-processing fees
  • retouching fees

If you elect to do an all-in-one creative fee vs break down each fee separately, the 12.5% commission rate will be charged on the creative fee. 

All client billing/payments will go through you, and Jamie will invoice you for the 12.5% commission rate. Throughout the process she will be considered a consultant and not an agent. 

BEFORE BOOKING: Please reach out to Jamie to confirm her availability and also get an estimate of how many hours your specific project might require. And if you have any other questions about this service, don't hesitate to ask.


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