Because these are the only guides to commercial photography of their kind that exist, and because of the comprehensive nature of their contents, we imagine you have questions.

Some of the most frequently asked questions are answered here, but if you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out to the author Jamie Piper and she’ll be happy to provide whatever additional information you need to make a decision about whether the product is right for your needs.

Who runs the site?

Jamie Piper, a commercial animal photographer who got her start in commercial work in 2003. Jamie has taught hundreds of photographers from around the world in workshops and at speaking engagements, wrote a book that was published by Wiley Publishing, and has written many guides on a variety of topics relating to photography. 

Who are the products for?

The guides and documents are designed for established professional photographers of any genre who are new (or newish) to commercial photography. They were created with the assumption that the photographer already has an established business and is looking to add commercial photography to their services.

The guides and documents will benefit new photographers too, but all of the guide content assumes that the reader’s photography and editing skills are advanced enough to be prepared for commercial assignments, and that they have a professional website and processes set up for working with clients. (Invoicing, emails, etc).

The guides were written with U.S.-based photographers in mind. The prices are all in USD$, the references are all to American companies, and the usage fees are based on industry standards in the U.S.

If you are a photographer based outside of the U.S. you should find the guides helpful and informative, but you’ll need to do research on industry standards in your geographical area when it comes to things like commercial pricing and legal considerations.

How do I download the files after I purchase them?

After you complete your purchase you will be automatically forwarded to a thank you page where you will see a bright blue link to your zip file download. The thank you page also contains information on how to access your account in the future. If you prefer to wait to download the file, you may return to your account at any time after purchase, visit the downloads tab, and click on the file name in the ‘downloads’ column. (The file is a zip file). The download link will not expire.

When were the guides published?


Can I buy the 356-page Big Guide separately?

Unfortunately, no. The Big Guide to Commercial Photography cross-references all of the other elements in the bundle. The Big Guide and all elements of the bundle were all designed to function as a set.

Plus, if you need the information in the Big Guide, you definitely need all of the other elements that are included.

Can I buy any of the guides, documents, contracts, releases or forms separately?

Yes! We also have smaller ‘mini bundles’, that contain most of the information that’s in the ‘Big Bundle’, broken down into smaller packages.

Who wrote the guides?

Jamie Piper, a commercial animal photographer and author of Beautiful Beasties, a Creative Guide to Modern Pet Photography. Although the focus of Jamie’s 15-year photography career has always been animals, her commercial photograph experience and education translates to any photography genre. It’s all the same except for the models in front of the camera.

Can I print the 356-page big guide?

Certainly. You may print one low-resolution (150dpi) copy for your personal use. (You may also print copies of some of the other guides. Please see the Terms of Use document included in the bundle to learn which guides and documents you can print.)

Can I use some of the documents in my business?

Yes. The model releases, call sheet, change order form, estimate / bid terms & conditions and first-time clients guide were designed for you to use in the course of your business in a client-facing capacity.

Are the included bids make-believe or are they real?

The included bids are real bids that were sent to real clients for real projects. Four of the six bids were awarded and two were not. The bids represent a variety of different projects at different price points.

Is follow-up support and phone or email consulting included in the price of the bundles?

Sorry but no. Additional consulting via email or phone is not included in the price of the bundles. 

Although Jamie is happy to provide clarification about anything in the guides the reader finds confusing, she only provides private consulting (one-on-one phone and/or email consulting) for an additional hourly fee.

For additional or alternative support there are also consultants listed at the end of the Big Guide to Commercial Photography. These are individuals and companies who specialize in providing personalized editing, marketing, and/or estimating services to commercial photographers. The guides are also loaded with links to additional (free) resources for commercial photography that you should find very helpful.

Do you have an ePub version of the Big Guide to Commercial Photography?

Not yet but it’s something we are working on. Please send the author Jamie Piper an email with your request if you’d like to purchase an ePub version once it’s released.

What if I change my mind after I download everything? Can I get a refund?

Sorry, but no. Refunds won’t be granted for any reason after the product has been purchased. We feel that we’ve provided enough information about the products for you to make an informed decision, but if you still have questions before purchasing, please reach out to us.

If I have a problem with purchasing or downloading, what do I do?

Technology is weird sometimes but never fear, Jamie will help you out and get you taken care of. Just drop her an email.