Commercial Photography Day Rates- How to Calculate


'Day Rate' backstory.

Up until several years ago, the term 'Day Rate' was the most frequently used term when describing how much a commercial or editorial photographer charges for their time.  This term has fallen out of favor, to be replaced by the terms 'Creative Fee', or 'Photography Fee', which I go over below.

'Day Rate' vs. 'Creative Fee' vs. 'Photography Fee'

The term 'Day Rate' is a misnomer, because it implies that that single day is the only day a photographer does work for the shoot. The reality is that there is always so much more work that goes into preparing for a shoot (and wrapping it up afterward), that isn't included in that one day of work.  Some photographers charge a fee called a 'pre-pro' (pre-production) fee for the time they invest preparing for the shoot, and some choose to roll it into their 'day rate'. Some photographers charge a 'post-pro' fee for any work that they do after the shoot (returning equipment, mai...
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What is ‘commercial photography’?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The easiest way to remember what commercial photography is is to ask yourself the following question:

"Will the images be used to help promote/market/advertise a product or service?"

If the answer is yes, then it's considered commercial photography. Clients who purchase commercial photography include but are not limited to:
  1. advertising agencies
  2. marketing firms
  3. creative departments within large corporations ('in-house' creative)
  4. branding firms that specialize in packaging
  5. freelance art producers/buyers acting on behalf of a company
  6. marketing departments at small and medium sized companies
  7. all-in-one digital/print/social media branding/marketing/promotional firms (<-- these guys all have their own names they refer to themselves as, but I usually just say 'digital marketing firm')
  8. businesspeople needing headshots
  9. individual small business owners needing images for social media and collateral
Images that res...
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Review of The Big Commercial Photography Bundle by Allison

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Review of The Big Commercial Photography Bundle by Jo

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Educational Products for Commercial Photographers

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