What is ‘commercial photography’?

The easiest way to remember what commercial photography is is to ask yourself the following question:  
"Will the images be used to help promote/market/advertise a product or service?"
If the answer is yes, then it's considered commercial photography.   Clients who purchase commercial photography include but are not limited to:  
  1. advertising agencies
  2. marketing firms
  3. creative departments within large corporations ('in-house' creative)
  4. branding firms that specialize in packaging
  5. freelance art producers/buyers acting on behalf of a company
  6. marketing departments at small and medium sized companies
  7. all-in-one digital/print/social media branding/marketing/promotional firms (<-- these guys all have their own names they refer to themselves as, but I usually just say 'digital marketing firm')
  8. businesspeople needing headshots
  9. individual small business owners needing images for social media and collateral
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Educational Products for Commercial Photographers

CPR contains informational guides, PDFs, forms and other documents for new and aspiring commercial photographers, written by established commercial animal photographer Jamie Piper. Includes the Big Guide to Commercial Photography Bundle, Commercial Photography Pricing Bundle, Commercial Photography Marketing Bundle, Commercial Animal Photography Bundle, sample commercial photography bids and estimates, commercial photography treatments, commercial model releases and more.
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