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Commercial Photography Pricing: A Three-Part Educational Series

If you are here reading this it means you need information on how to price commercial photography shoots and licensing fees, and the great news is we have the information you need! 

Take a look below at the three articles we wrote on the topic. 

How to Calculate Commercial Photography Fees

‘Day Rate’ backstory.

Up until several years ago, the term ‘Day Rate’ was the most frequently used term when describing how much a commercial or editorial photographer charges for their time…

What is a Commercial Photography Licensing / Usage Fee?

Usage fees are what the client pays to use your images. FYI The term ‘licensing fees’ is interchangeable with ‘usage fees’. The client purchases a ‘license’ to ‘use’ the images.

7 Great Resources for Calculating Commercial Photography Usage Fees

Ask ten different commercial photographers how much to charge for a specific usage license and you’ll get ten different answers.

For photographers who are new to the commercial photography industry, or work in a parallel industry..

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